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Unstoppable Women

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Regina Young

Standing in Your Own Power


Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Regina Young shares her journey through divorce, becoming a full-figured Ford Model, and her passion for fashion.

Her podcast serves as a safe haven for women to explore the tumult of what's happening in the middle of their lives. Regina discusses how the pandemic was a clearing to create her podcast, Teatime Midlife Edition.


Through Regina’s challenges, victories and breakthroughs, she never stops believing in her own, and your, personal power. Her story will surprise and inspire you to Stand In Your Own Power in your life. Regina has lived her life by this quote, “If it is to be, it is up to me.”

Physical & E-Books

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$19.95 (S&H included in the US)


$9.95 (S&H included in the US)

Great Bundled Deals 

Signed Paperback & E-Book

$29.95 (S&H included in the US) 

2 Paperback Copies

$29.95  (S&H included in the US)

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